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Scientific meetings are held three times a year. Members and non-members who work in clinical and non-clinical disciplines related to perinatal medicine are welcome at all our meetings. 

Congratulations @COIN_neoepoch Dr James Webbe who has been awarded the prize for best presentation by a trainee at the @NeonatalSociety Spring Meeting for ‘Primary outcomes in neonatal trials: heterogeneity, gaps and how to strengthen reporting’

GA and SES are both with neonatal brain morphology, but GA has wider effects. Family-level SES is associated with more brain changes than neighbourhood/subjective SES. Reducing socioeconomic hardship in the neonatal period could optimise brain development. *Preprint available*


Spencer et al. assessed static and dynamic functional connectivity, using resting-state fMRI, in school-age children treated with therapeutic hypothermia for neonatal HIE without cerebral palsy and matched controls @mgfellow @ela_chak @LexAtom. *Preprint on medRxiv*

Cooled infants with severe #HypoxicIschemicEncephalopathy who developed cerebral palsy had lower omega-3 index, and deceased delta-6-desaturase activity, and would potentially benefit from additional #DocosahexaenoicAcid supplementation for neuroprotection @IsabellNessel

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