Day: 29 June 2001

This programme provides the running order for the 2001 Summer Meeting at The Law and Social Sciences Building, The University of Nottingham, UK

Litten JC, Corson AM, Drury PC, Clarke L

Kurlak LO, Stephenson TJ, Broughton-Pipkin F

Kissack CM, Garr R, Wardle SP, Weindling AM

Harding D, Montgomery H, Dhamrait S, Humphries S, Whitelaw A, Marlow N

Doherty CB, Hales CN

D’Amore A, Ahluwalia JS, Cheema I, Kaptoge S, Kelsall AW

Besheya TA, Clarke P, Reed P, Kane J, Weinkove C

Beresford MW, Shaw NJ

Bennett C, Johnson A, Field DJ

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