2011 Autumn Programme

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10th November 2011

Institute of Child Health, Guildford Street, London WC1N 1EH

09.30 Coffee

Session 1: Chair – Dr Richard Thwaites

10.00 K Ali, Division of Asthma, Allergy and Lung Biology, King’s College London
Impaired chemoreceptor sensitivity in infants of smoking mothers

10.15 J Murray, Imperial College London
Changes in the severity and age of RSV bronchiolitis hospital admission among infants in England: a population-based birth cohort study

10.30 C Gale, Imperial College London
Longitudinal change of intrahepatocellular lipid in early infancy

10.45 S Ojha, University of Nottingham
Ontogeny of brown adipocyte markers in the pericardial adipose tissue of postnatal sheep

11.00 Morning Tea/ Coffee

Session 2: Chair – Professor Howard Clark

11.30 RA Breckenridge, MRC National Institute for Medical Research & University College London
Hypoxia-driven Hand1 expression controls changes in cardiac metabolism around birth in mice

11.45 JRC Parkinson, Imperial College London
Preterm birth and adult blood pressure: a meta-analysis

12.00 AJ Lewandowski, Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility
Impact of perinatal interventions on cardiovascular structure and function in young adulthood: A 25-year prospective follow-up study of preterm infants

12.15 Annual General Meeting for Members of the Neonatal Society

13.00 Lunch Break

Session 3: Chair – Dr Helen Budge

14.00 Keynote Lecture: Dr Paolo De Coppi, The Institute of Child Health, London
Regenerative Medicine and birth defect: Opportunities for prenatal and postnatal therapies

14.45 Neonatal Society Student Prize: Neonatal Society Student Prize: M Koo, Imperial College London
The effect of maternal BMI on the concentration of appetite regulating peptides in breast milk

15.00 FE Walston, East of England Perinatal Network
A regional approach to the early management of infants with hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy

15.15 S Mitra, Neonatal Unit, The Rosie Hospital, Cambridge
A novel index to assess cerebrovascular reactivity in preterm infants

15.30 D Azzopardi, Centre for the Developing Brain, Imperial College London
Implementation of therapeutic hypothermia for perinatal asphyxial encephalopathy in the UK – analysis of national data

15.45 Coffee

Session 4: Chair – Professor Kate Costeloe

16.15 S Thayyil, University College London
Encephalopathic infants with co-existent perinatal infection: Is therapeutic hypothermia still neuroprotective?

16.30 E Woodrow, University of Edinburgh
Fluctuating hyperoxia (ΔO2) impairs cortical growth and Cux1 expression in a preterm model of intrauterine growth restriction

16.45 V Kyriakopoulou, Imperial College London
Brain development in isolated fetal ventriculomegaly

17.00 V Supramaniam, Imperial College London
The activation of Microglia, Astroglia and Toll-like receptors in the immature human brain

17.15 The Widdowson Lecture: Professor David Edwards, London
Growth and development in the preterm brain

18.15 Drinks and Close of Meeting

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