2014 Autumn Programme

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Institute of Child Health, London, WC1N 1EH

09.00 Coffee

Session 1: Chair – Dr Andy Ewer

09.30 B Thomas, Cardiff
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH): A Comparison of Regional Morbidity and Mortality Outcomes

09.45 A Jones, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow
A Model for Implementing Routine Pulse Oximetry Screening for Congenital Heart Disease in a Local Acute Hospital: Protocol, Outcomes and Quality Improvement

10.00 S Job, Norwich
How Common is Inadvertent Lumbar Vein Catheterisation in the NICU?

10.15 O Sjokvist (Medical student prize), Hull York Medical School
Integration of Cultural Beliefs into Modern Palliative Care: a Māori Case Study

10.30 Morning Coffee

Session 2: Chair – Professor Neena Modi

11.00 G Green, Oxford
Non-Contact Vital Sign Monitoring in the Neonatal Unit

11.15 G Belteki, Cambridge University
Discovery of Novel Non-Coding RNAs in the Perinatal Lung by Deep Sequencing

11.30 Keynote lecture: Professor Steve Wilson, University College London
Fishing for Answers: Zebrafish as a Model to study Nervous System Development in Health and Disease

12.30 Annual General Meeting for Members of the Neonatal Society

13.30 Lunch Break

Session 3: Chair – Dr James Boardman

14.30 F Zhu, Imperial College London
Comparison of Cranial Ultrasound Injury Score with Tract Based Spatial Statistics Analysis of Whole Brain Fractional Anisotropy in Neonatal Encephalopathy

14.45 J Dunne, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry
EEG Discontinuity as a Predictor of Cerebral Tissue Injury in Cooled Term Neonates with Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy

15.00 P Rogers, King’s College London
Consistency of Resting State Functional Networks in the Neonatal Brain

15.15 I Ng, Cambridge
Determining the Relationship Between Thresholds of Cerebral Tissue Oxygenation and Adverse Outcomes in Preterm Infants

15.30 I Lingam, King’s College London
Constrained Spherical Deconvolution: A New Approach to Mapping Neuronal Highways in Preterm and Term Infants

15.45 Afternoon Tea

Session 4: Chair – Dr Richard Thwaites

16.15 J Kimpton, King’s College London
Maturation of Interhemispheric Functional Connectivity During a Passive Wrist Motor Task in the Preterm Period

16.30 N Andreas, Imperial College London
The Diverse Human Milk Oligosaccharide Content of Human Breast Milk

16.45 C Heppolette, Imperial College London
The Effect of Maternal Protein Restriction During Lactation on Thymic Involution and Peripheral Immunosenescence in Adult Mice

17.00 B Ibrahim, Imperial College London
Linking Electronic Records to Create a Birth Cohort of Babies Admitted to Neonatal Units in England

17.15 Presentation of prize for best free paper by a trainee

17.20 The Widdowson Lecture: Professor Andrew Prentice, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Conceptions, pregnancies and neonates: Lessons from rural Africa

18.20 Drinks and Close of Meeting

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