2017 Autumn Programme

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The programme below provides the running order for the 2017 Autumn Meeting.

Autumn Meeting, 9th November 2017

Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE

09.30 Coffee

Session 1: Chair – Professor Andrew Ewer, Meetings Secretary

10.00. L Tullie, Southampton Children’s Hospital
Prematurity is not associated with worse outcomes in infants with congenital diaphragmatic hernia

10.15. C Course, University Hospital of Wales
The increasing demands of neonatal hypoglycaemia: Experience from a tertiary regional neonatal intensive care unit

10.30. J Davis, University of Western Australia
Postnatal dexamethasone increases relative expression of surfactant protein messenger RNA in a preterm ventilated lamb model

10.45. K Y Lee, Cambridge University Hospitals
Electrolyte abnormalities in preterm neonates receiving electrolyte-free versus standard parenteral nutrition solutions: a two-centre retrospective study

11.00. Tea / coffee

Session 2: Chair – Professor Howard Clark, President

11.30. The Widdowson Lecture: Professor Pierre Gressens, INSERM and King’s College London
Genomics and Preterm Brain Injury

12.30. Annual General Meeting for Members of the Neonatal Society

13.30. Lunch break

Session 3: Chair – Dr Karen Luyt, Committee member

14.45. I Lingam, University College London
Serial microRNA measurements can differentiate hypoxia from infectionsensitised hypoxia in a piglet model of neonatal encephalopathy

15.00. I Lingam, University College London
Refining the use of magnesium in neonatal encephalopathy: magnesiumaugmented therapeutic hypothermia compared to hypothermia alone

15.15. P Lewis, University College London Hospital
Improving the early care of newborn using a novel neonatal delivery safety checklist

15.30. G Sullivan, University of Edinburgh
Breast milk exposure influences brain development in preterm infants

15.45. Afternoon Tea / Coffee

Session 3: Chair – Professor James Boardman, General Secretary

16.15. K Martinello, University College London
Temperature profile of infants with moderate to severe neonatal encephalopathy undergoing standard temperature management at a Ghanaian hospital – a pilot study

16.30. A Abelian, Maelor Hospital, Wrexham
Feasibility study of a novel assay for detection of bacteria in neonatal CSF

16.45. M Thoresen, University of Bristol
Epilepsy and the need for drug treatment in infancy and early school years after perinatal asphyxia and therapeutic hypothermia

17.00 Prize for best presentation by a trainee

17.05. Keynote Lecture. Professor Rebecca Reynolds, University of Edinburgh
Maternal health determines life course outcome

18.05 Drinks and Close of Meeting

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