The Neonatal Society was founded in 1959 with the aim of promoting Neonatal science.

Our History

From foundation in 1959 to our modern day Society, we are proud to be celebrating our 60th anniversary. Read the history of The Neonatal Society, written by committee members from our past and present.

Foundation​ and Early Years

Until the end of the war the British Paediatric Association had been the only Paediatric Society of any national standing in Britain. Originally a small club, it had met, as…

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1966 – 1980

In 1968, the Committee decided that a presentation to the Society “of acceptable quality” should be mandatory for membership. Despite the introduction of this more stringent requirement, and the raising…

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1980 – 1990​

The 1980s saw several important changes in the Society’s activities, which were not covered in the two short reports in the 1983-1986 Handbooks, published primarily to update the list of…

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The Neonatal Society Logo

The Neonatal Society’s original logo was replaced in 2000 following an open competition designed by J Dandrea and S Waring. The logo has been further updated in 2019 to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the foundation of the Neonatal Society in 1959.

The Neonatal Society Logo
The Neonatal Society
The Neonatal Society Logo History

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