The Neonatal Society Honorary Members

Present Honorary Members

Azzopardi, Denis
Broughton-Pipkin, F
Cooke, R
Costeloe, K
Cowan, F
Davis, JAD
Dubowitz, V
Edwards, AD
Field, D
Fleming, P
Greenough, A
Johnson, P
Lagercrantz, Hugo
Levene, M
Lyon, A
Mactier, H
Marlow, N
Mestyan, J
McIntosh, N
Modi, N 
Morley, C
Rivers, R
Shelley, H
Slack, M
Thoresen, M
Whitelaw, A
Wilkinson, A
de Vries, L

LATE Honorary Members

Appleyard, J
Avery, Mary E
Barrie, H
Campbell, AGM 
Corner, B
Chiswick, M
Cross, KW
Davies, P
Dawes, GS
Donald, I
Dubowitz, L
Forshall, I
Friis-Hansen, B
Gairdner, DMT
Gandy, Gillian
Gunther, M
Halliday, H
Henderson-Smart, D
Hey, E
Hull, D
Karlberg, P
Jonxis, JHP
Jost, A
Kerpel-Fronius, E
Liggins, Sir Graham (Mont)
Liley, AW
Lilly, D
Lind, J
McCance, RA
Minkowski, A
Oppe, T
Reynolds, EOR
Roberton, C
Robinson, RJ
Rossdale, P
Rutter, N
Scopes, J
Silverman, M
Smith, CA
Stapleton, T
Strang, L
Tizard, Sir Peter
Widdowson, Elsie M
Wigglesworth, J
Wilkinson, AW
Young, M
Zetterstrom, R

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