Prizes & Awards

In order to support and foster young researchers The Neonatal Society offers a number of awards.

The Neonatal Society Awards for Best Presentation

To celebrate The Neonatal Society’s 60th anniversary we are pleased to announce the following prizes for speakers at each of the three Society meetings per year.

Free registration to Neonatal Update (Organised by Prof Neena Modi). This is a five day meeting featuring world-class speakers on important neonatal topics, 25th-29th November in London.

McCance Travel Bursaries

These travel bursaries, named for Robert McCance, are available to support researchers who would otherwise be unable to attend the Society’s meetings owing to low income or other financial hardship. They are aimed at early career researchers still in training (such as undergraduate and postgraduate students, and those in fixed term, non-tenured posts).

For UK based meetings, lowest cost second class travel (e.g. with advance booking and/or early morning discounts) from port of entry to the UK will be reimbursed but not the registration fees of the meeting, the cost of accommodation or subsistence.

Applicants should submit a letter of application outlining the title of the abstract of original research submitted to the Society, the Society meeting to which they have been invited to present it, the training post held, the financial hardship and the estimated second class travel cost. This should be accompanied by a letter of support from the Head of Department confirming the details in the letter of application for the award and that no research grant, institutional or training bursaries or conference budgets are available to support the early career researcher’s travel to the meeting. Application letters must be emailed to the Treasurer.

McCance Travel Bursaries are available for each of the Society’s meetings but each meeting’s fund is finite and allocated to eligible applicants on a first come first served basis. The deadline for applications is 21 days before the start of the Society’s meeting.

Young Investigator's Prize Lecture

Nominations for the Young Investigator’s Prize are invited from basic scientists and clinicians who are still in training and who do not have to be members of the Society.

Entries will be judged on a summary (400 words) of the applicant’s research plus a full CV. A letter of support is also required from the Head of Department. The winner will present a 30 minute lecture at the Summer Meeting, for which all travel and accommodation costs will be paid by the Neonatal Society.

Invitation to apply is advertised in the programme for the Autumn Meeting. The deadline for applications for the prize is March 31st.

Applications should be sent to the General Secretary.

The lectures given so far are:

  • 2021: Dr Gemma Sullivan, University of Edinburgh: The role of perinatal inflammation in preterm brain injury: an integrated study of immunology, neuroimaging, and stem cell modelling
  • 2020, Dr Subhabrata Mitra: Optical neuromonitoring in neonatal encephalopathy
  • 2019, Dr Paolo Montaldo: Genomic imaging in neonatal encephalopathy
  • 2018, Dr Cheryl Battersby: Necrotising enterocolitis: addressing uncertainties using population approaches and big data
  • 2017, Brighton: Dr Hilary Wong, University of Cambridge
    Early childhood neuropsychiatric symptoms in children born preterm
  • 2015, Winchester: Dr Sara Hillman
    Parental influences on fetal growth
  • 2014, Harrogate: Dr Christopher Gale
    Influencing long-term health through infant nutrition
  • 2013, Edinburgh: David Carr
    Somatotrophic Effects of Prenatal Ad.VEGF Gene Therapy in the Growth-Restricted Sheep Fetus and Neonate
  • 2012, Canterbury: Tamanna Moore
    Are neurodevelopmental outcomes improving after EP birth?
  • 2011, Harrogate: Ela Chakkarapani
    ‘Cool Xenon’: Effects on neuroprotection and haemodynamics in post-asphyxial encephalopathy
  • 2010, Nottingham: Don Sharkey
    Can adipocyte number and dysfunction be programmed by early life events? Clues from the suboptimal fetal experience
  • 2009, County Durham: Matthew Hyde
    Nature knows best: the effect of mode of delivery on the physiology of the neonate
  • 2008, Harrogate: Dr Alison Mostyn
    The influence of birth weight and genotype on adipose tissue development: long term consequences for later obesity
  • 2007, Portsmouth: Osuka Iwata
    Bench to bedside: Refining therapeutic hypothermia for term asphyxial encephalopathy
  • 2006, London: Mo Gnanalingham
    Developmental regulation of adipose tissue and the lung: Hormonal and nutritional manipulation of local glucocorticoid action and uncoupling protein-2
  • 2005, Bristol: Nigel Kennea
    Human mesenchymal stem cells as agents of brain repair
  • 2004 Lecture 1, Cambridge: David Gardner
    Fetal adaptation to the intrauterine environment: short and longer term consequences for physiological development
  • 2004 Lecture 2, Cambridge: Dr Karen Luyt
    Metabotropic neurotransmitter receptors in oligodendrocytes: novel potential players in white matter development, injury and repair
  • 2003, Oxford: Mark Herbert
    The relevance of genome sequencing to neonatology
  • 2002, Tours, France: Helen Budge
    Programming of fetal adipose tissue development by maternal nutrition and prolactin
  • 2001, Nottingham: Howard Clark
    Surfactant proteins A and D in lung infection and inflammation

Student Research Bursaries

These competitive grants are available for supporting medical or science students already registered for a higher degree, to undertake a period of laboratory, experimental or clinical research in an area relating to the fetus or newborn during an elective period.

The prize is for up to £500 and can be used for accommodation, travel and/or subsistence during this period. The successful student will be required to present their research either as a poster or oral presentation at one of the Neonatal Society meetings. At the meeting, the student will be presented with their research bursary and a certificate from the Society.

Applications need to be submitted to the General Secretary of the Neonatal Society by 31st March for the first award and 31st August for the second award and should include:

We are grateful to Trinity-Chiesi Pharmaceuticals for supporting the student awards.

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