2011 Summer Meeting

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2011 Summer Meeting

A joint meeting with British Maternal & Fetal Medicine Society, the British Association of Perinatal Medicine and the Neonatal Nurses Association.

Abstracts are not published on The Neonatal Society’s website, but in Archives of Disease in Childhood. Where applicable links to the relevant abstract are included below. 

  • UK neonatal mortality rates 2008: effect of using European gestation and birthweight cut-offs
    Amaral C, Springett A, Stephens I, Golightly S, Dorling J Read More >
  • Functional analysis of the antioxidant paraoxonase-3 in lung epithelial cells by RNA interference
    Belteki G, Kempster S, Licence D, Charnock-Jones DS, Smith GCS Read More >
  • Barriers and facilitators for breastfeeding very preterm infants: management of mother’s milk in neonatal units in England France and Italy
    Bonet M, Blondel B, Forcella E, CuttiniM, Agostino R, Draper E, Zeitlin J Read More >
  • Alterations in postnatal growth and metabolism following prenatal treatment of intrauterine growth restriction with AD.VEGF gene therapy in the sheep
    Carr DJ, Aitken RP, Milne JS, Peebles DM, Zachary I, Martin J, David AL, Wallace JM Read More >
  • Xenon offers stable hemodynamics after global hypoxic-ischemia in newborn pigs
    Chakkarapani E, Liu X, Dingley J, Thoresen M Read More >
  • Growth attainment in extremely preterm children- has it changed over time? The EPICure 2 study
    Chisholm P, Moore T, Haider S, Hennessy E, Johnson S, Marlow N Read More >
  • Improved neuroprotection with melatonin- augmented hypothermia vs hypothermia alone in a perinatal asphyxia model
    Faulkner S, Chandrasekaran M, Bainbridge A, Kelen D, Powell E, Price D, Cady E, Golay X, Raivich G, Robertson NJ Read More >
  • Systemic effects of whole-body cooling to 35 33 and 30ºC in a piglet model of perinatal asphxyia
    Faulkner S, Chandrasekaran M, Kerenyi A, Kelen D, Price D, Bainbridge A, Cady E, Golay X, Robertson NJ Read More >
  • Quality of life in children and adults with congenital gastro-intestinal anomalies: a systematic review
    Glinianaia SV, Embleton ND, Rankin J Read More >
  • Rapid analysis of surfactant phosphatidylcholine synthesis in preterm infants utilising the incorporation of a novel stable isotope: a pilot study
    Goss KCW, Ledger V, Townsend JP, Koster G, Hall M, Thwaites R, Clark HW, Postle AD Read More >
  • Management and complications of 343 women with obstetric cholestasis in the United Kingdom in 2009-2010
    Gurung V, Chappell LC, Chambers J, Seed P, Williamson C, Thornton JG Read More >
  • Can fetal fibronectin testing and cervical length measurement direct appropriate prophylactic steroid use in high-risk asymptomatic women?
    Hezelgrave NL, Duckworth S, Seed P, Shennan AH Read More >
  • Antenatal steroids: a caveat to the applause? Long term impact of antenatal glucocorticoid exposure on aortic structure and function: a 20 year prospective follow up study of premature infants
    Kelly BR, Lazdam M, Lewandowski A, Lucas A, Trevitt C, Kylintireas I, Worton S, Leeson P Read More >
  • Does the level of evidence underpinning NICE recommendations influence adoption into Trust maternity guidelines?
    Kidney E, Jolly K, Kenyon S  Read More >
  • Can we improve delivery room monitoring for newborns? a novel photoplethysmographic heart rate monitor evaluated among stable NICU infants
    Mann C, Ward C, Grubb M, Teoh J, Crowe J, Hayes-Gill B, Marlow N, Sharkey D Read More >
  • Pulse oximetry as a screening test for congenital heart defects in newborn infants: the PulseOx test accuracy study
    Middleton LJ, Ewer AK, Bhoyar A, Furmston AT, Daniels JP, Thangaratinam S, Deeks J, Khan KS Read More >
  • The EPICure studies: better survival better outcomes?
    Moore T, Johnson S, Hennessy E, Chisholm P, Marlow N Read More >
  • The Australian Cerebral Palsy Research Study – epidemiological and genetic associations with cerebral palsy
    O’Callaghan ME, MacLennan AH, Gibson CS, McMichael GL, Haan EA, BroadbentJ, Priest K, Goldwater PN, Painter JN, Montgomery GW, Baghurst P, Dekker G, for the Australian Collaborative Cerebral Palsy Research Group Read More >
  • Long term impact of poor birth condition on social and economic outcomes in early adulthood
    Odd DE, Gunnell D, Lewis G, Rasmussen F Read More >
  • Severe neonatal hypernatraemia (SNH): a population based surveillance study
    Oddie SJ, Deakin K, Algar V Read More >
  • A population-based cohort study of gestational age and cognitive ability in early childhood
    Poulsen G, Wolke D, Boyle E, Kurinczuk JJ, Field D, Alfirevic Z, Quigley MA Read More >
  • Understanding socioeconomic inequalities in outcome of pregnancy and neonatal mortality associated with congenital anomalies
    Smith LK, Budd JLS, Field DJ, Draper ES Read More >
  • Increased 36 week survival with high oxygen saturation target in extremely preterm infants
    Stenson B, Brocklehurst P, Juszczak E, King A, Tarnow Mordi W, Simes J, Darlow B Read More >
  • Magnetic resonance biomarkers of hypothermic rescue neuroprotection following neonatal encephalopathy in a South Indian neonatal unit
    Thayyil S, Cowan F, Price D, Cady E, Ayer M, Marlow N, Shankaran S, Robertson N, Guhan B Read More >
  • Viral contributions to perinatal neonatal and infant deaths over 24 years in the North of England
    Williams E, Gerardos G, Ward Platt M, Clark J, Bythell M, Embleton N, Berrington J Read More >

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