2020 Autumn meeting

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2020 Autumn meeting

We have adapted and modernised. The format will be a hybrid meeting, that will be live-streamed and interactive. All meeting attendees are asked to pre-register for the meeting.

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5pm on Friday 18th October 2019

The Widdowson Lecture

Professor Steve Charnock-Jones, University of Cambridge: 

Human placenta has no microbiome but can contain potential pathogens

The Keynote Lecture

Professor Paul Leeson, University of Oxford

Early life determinants of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health

Oral presentations will be those selected for presentation for our cancelled Spring Meeting, and will be presented on November 5th in person or remotely. An abstract selection round is therefore not planned for this meeting.

At this time the Royal Society of Medicine is only allowing 30 people in the space to enable safe physical distancing, and this may change before the meeting. The majority of attendees will therefore need to attend virtually on this occasion and numbers will need to be managed carefully. If you would like to attend in person please contact the meetings secretary Dr Karen Luyt.

Session 1: Chair – Professor Andy Ewer. Moderator – Dr Ela Chakkarapani

10:00. M Pureza Laudiano-Dray, University College London Quantification of neonatal procedural pain severity: a platform for estimating total pain burden in individual infants

10:15. L Fabrizi, University College London Maternal contact alters how neonates process pain

10.30. L Boel, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff Temporal trends of care practices, morbidity, and mortality of extremely preterm infants over 10- years in South Wales, UK

10.45. R D’Souza, Evelina Children’s Hospital, London Leaving necrotic bowel in situ at NEC laparotomy leads to increased mortality

11:00. Q Yang, University of Bristol The effect of insomnia on pregnancy and perinatal outcomes: a mendelian randomization study

11:15. Tea / coffee

Session 2: Chair – Professor Lucy Chappell

11:45 Keynote Lecture Professor Paul Leeson. Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility. University of Oxford. Early life determinants of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health

12:45. Annual General Meeting (Open to members of the Neonatal Society) Virtual breakout session

13.45. Lunch break

Session 3: Chair – Professor Helen Budge. Moderator – Dr Chris Gale

14:45. R Pang, University College London High dose melatonin with erythropoietin and therapeutic hypothermia for perinatal hypoxia ischemia (EMPATHY study): a randomized pre-clinical piglet study

15.00. J Gibb, University of Bristol. Cardiac function in school aged children cooled for neonatal hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy

15:15. D Odd, University of Bristol Antenatal inflammation is not associated with death or short-term morbidity in infants cooled for neonatal encephalopathy

15:30. N Goulding, University of Bristol Investigating correlations in metabolite levels between pregnant mothers and cord-blood

15:45. TJ Robb, University of Bristol Social communication development in children aged 6-8 years, without cerebral palsy cooled for neonatal hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy

16.00. Afternoon Tea / Coffee

Session 4: Chair – Professor James Boardman

16:25. Prize for best presentation by a trainee

16:30. Widdowson Lecture – Introduced by Professor James Boardman, President Professor Stephen Charnock-Jones. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. University of Cambridge. Human placenta has no microbiome but can contain potential pathogens.

17:30. Close of meeting

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Neonatal Society Autumn Meeting 2020

Open to members of the society and non-members who work in clinical and non-clinical disciplines related to perinatal medicine. Registration to the event is free