2021 Spring Meeting

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2021 Spring Meeting

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5pm on Friday 18th October 2019

The McCance Lecture

Professor Deborah Lawlor, MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit, University of Bristol:

‘Early life determinants of cardiometabolic health; separating cause from association’

The Named Lecture

Professor Tim Nawrot, Centre for Environmental Sciences, Hasselt University, Belgium

 ‘The impact of pollution on perinatal development’

Meeting Virtual Link: To be emailed to delegates on 3rd March 2021

10.30. P Clarke, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Vitamin K1 deficiency in exclusively human milk-fed preterm infants in early infancy

10.45. S Greenbury, Imperial College London
Patterns of postnatal weight gain in very and extremely preterm babies: a 12 year, whole population study

11:00. S Uthaya, Imperial College London
Early versus delayed initiation of parenteral nutrition after very preterm birth

Session 1: Chair – Professor Helen Budge. Moderator – Professor Lucy Chappell.

10:00. A Aiyengar, Homerton University Hospital
A systematic review of complaints received by neonatal units

10:15. W Alyahya, University of Glasgow
Early feeding with fortified mother’s own, donor milk and formula in very preterm infants

11:15. W Lammons, Imperial College London
Involving parents, patients and clinicians in the design of a UK national double-cluster pragmatic randomised controlled trial

11:30. Tea / coffee

Session 2: Chair – Professor Andy Ewer.

11:45 Keynote Lecture
Professor Tim Nawrot, Centre for Environmental Sciences, Hasselt University, Belgium The impact of pollution on perinatal development

12:45. Lunch break

Session 3: Chair – Professor James Boardman. Moderator – Dr Kevin Goss.

13:45. M Fernandes, University of Southampton
The INTERGROWTH-21st Project International INTER-NDA standards for child development at two years of age: An International Prospective Population-based Study

14:00. A Bonthrone, King’s College London
Individual differences in brain development and cognitive outcome in infants with congenital heart disease

14:15. T Hurley, Trinity College Dublin
Melatonin alters systemic cytokine production in neonatal encephalopathy

14:30. V Ponnusamy, Queen Mary University of London
Apoptotic neuronal cell death in neonatal encephalopathy is regulated by the Hippo-YAP-let-7b axis

15:45. S Pregnolato, University of Bristol
Regulation of neuroinflammation and glutamate transport in a term newborn rat model of hypoxic- ischaemic brain injury

15:00. S Williams, Brighton & Sussex Medical School
Assessment of the repeatability and reliability of ultrasound measurement of the new-born corpus callosum and comparison with MRI

Session 4: Chair – Professor Karen Luyt. Moderator – Professor Andy Ewer.

15:30. E Wheater, University of Edinburgh
Association between preterm birth, differential DNA methylation and brain dysmaturation

15:45. O Rivero-Arias, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford
Neonatal health care cost of preterm babies born between 27-31 weeks in England: Retrospective analysis of a national birth cohort using the OPTI-PREM dataset

16:00. M Casacão, University College Cork
Early life oxygen dysregulation and gram-positive bacterial challenge in a neonatal rat model induces an inflammatory response but ventilatory control is maintained during normoxia

16:15. N Aiton, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
Using 3D photography and imaging analysis to detect prenatal alcohol exposure

16:30. Prize for best presentation by a trainee

16:40. McCance Lecture – Introduced by Professor James Boardman, President

Professor Deborah Lawlor, MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit, University of Bristol Early life determinants of cardiometabolic health; separating cause from association

17:40. Close of meeting

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